Friday, September 5, 2008

Latest in the NEWS on Anterior Approach....

What to expect pre-surgery AA, John Muir MC, Walnut Creek, CA

What is the Anterior Approach?

Doug Unis, MD Performs Anterior Hip Replacemnets on Father and Daughter in New York.

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery with Advantage of New Specialized Table at Abington Memorial.

Abington Memorial Hospital Earns Blue Distinction Center for Hip Replacement in Abington, PA

Up and Walking Soon at Sunbury Community Hospital in Sunbury, PA

Parkridge Medical Center Designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Hip and Knee:

ANTERIOR APPROACH at St. John's Health Center Helps TOM WATSON Play Historic British OPEN..

New Surgical Table at OST in Bloomington, IL

HEALTHY Hip: Interview with Tom Watson in Mar 2009 Golf Digest:

HIP Surgery HELPs WATSON look ahead to the GOLF Season in 2009...

Tom WATSON to Have Anterior Hip Replacement.... at St. John's MC in Santa Monica, CA.

Table HELPs Hip Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anterior Approach Questions...

What questions do you have about Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement..

Patient Comments

Please tell me about your anterior hip Replacement... We want to hear about your story...

If you've had an Anterior Approach and would like to participate in a survey, please click this link:

Video Clip on Anterior THA

Site for More Patient Info

Here's a great site for patient information on the Anterior Approach for Total hip Replacement.

Anterior Total Hip Clincal Information Website

This is a great website for clinical information about the Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement.

Surgical Clips (You Tube)